People always tell me that I treat myself like a princess and that I know how to get great deals.  Another thing, I love to tell stories.  I want to share my stories and deals with others, and there is no better way than with this site.– Candy Sterling

One of my favorite shows on TV was Princess with Gail Vaz Oxlade, about young women who felt entitled to a luxurious lifestyle without any consideration to debt.  Some of these ladies owed tens of thousands of dollars to credit card companies and family members before they were cut off.  That got me thinking: what if there was a way to live like a pampered princess without accumulating lots of debt?  Over the years, I have learned many ways to earn free trips and save money.  These are all available to the general public with a little know-how.  A young man I met told me that I treat myself like a princess.  I say, why the heck not?  Why wait for a prince to rescue you to a life of daily luxuries, when you can achieve it yourself using what you have?  Please follow me to achieve a princess lifestyle of your own.