The Princess Bed: How to Create a Canopy Bed

No blog about how to live like a princess would be complete without a post about the ultimate symbol of princessness: the canopy bed.  A canopy bed is essential for the girl who wants to live like a princess.  A canopy bed creates an ethereal romantic retreat for lounging and sleeping.  

Most furniture stores carry the canopy bed.  However, what if you want to create a canopy bed using the bed that you already own?  

Amazon sells a canopy kit with poles that you place on the edges of the bed.  I personally have no experience with the canopy kit, but some reviews called it a piece of junk, so beware that it might not be very sturdy.

Another thing you can do is to drill holes on your ceiling to hang a canopy.   This requires some work, but it is possible.  However, if you live in a rental, you might not want to drill holes anywhere.

I created my canopy looking bed with a medium freestanding room divider with white curtains from  Although it does not come cheap at around $400, it also serves as a room divider and can be relocated easily to another apartment when you move.  The room divider stand provided three poles for the canopy.  I happened to have another pole from a green screen stand I bought a few years ago.  Then I purchased a mesh canopy from Macy’s for around $30, which adds to the romantic feel.  I placed everything around my tufted Lorraine bed from Pottery Barn and the result is amazing.  The curtains can be drawn on two sides of the bed to create a separate private area in a studio apartment.  Take a look at the photos below and see if you agree that this is a very pretty look:

PB Comfort couch, Pottery Barn pillows, PBTeen Lilac bedside table

Freestanding room divider by in Pearl White, Majesty Canopy from

Pottery Barn Lorraine upholstered bed, PBTEEN Dottie pillowcases and lamp, PBTEEN Rufflelicious quilt

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