How to See Broadway Shows without Spending a Whole Paycheck: including Broadway Week Hacks

There is nothing more New York than seeing a Broadway show.  However, a regular priced ticket can cost a lot and if your goal is to see as many shows as possible, then you need to have a plan.

    Here are somethings that I have learned after a whole summer of seeing Broadway shows.

    1. TKTS Booth

    If you arrive at the TKTS booth half an hour before the show starts (say 1:30 for a 2 pm matinee), you will often encounter no lines and get the best tickets.  We got front row orchestra seats to Matilda for about $75 a ticket.  It was so close you could see the hairs sticking out of Miss Agatha Trunch’s legs.

    2. Theater seat filling services

    You can join Theaterclub and Theater Extras.  Often, you will be able to find Broadway and off- Broadway shows for around $4.50.  The key is to check these websites ten times a day.  Members are forbidden from discussing the deals they obtained using these sites, but they are worth it if you check the sites at least ten times a day.

    3.  Broadway Week

    I just spent a few hours trying to figure out how to purchase tickets during Broadway Week, and I think I have found a good way to buy tickets to the most coveted Broadway shows during Broadway Week.  In my opinion, The Lion King and Aladdin are two shows that you should buy during Broadway Week because I have never seen tickets for these two shows being sold by TKTS.  Therefore, if you can get decent tickets for The Lion King and Aladdin for half price, grab them!  As for Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Kinky Boots, School of Rock, Cats, and other shows, buy them during regular weeks (versus Broadway Week) because you can go to the TKTS booth without having to commit your time and money a few weeks ahead of time.

    How can you buy half price tickets for The Lion King and Aladdin?  I used the code BWAYWK and the system told me not available for the days I searched.  I can only do Friday evenings, and the weekend, so my choices are limited.  I tried BWAYUP and there were more days available, and at relatively reasonable prices (half price + $20).  I wound up paying  $82.50 for center mezzanine tickets for Alladin and $102 for front center mezzanine tickets for The Lion King.  Another thing to keep in mind is not to search for two tickets and use the choose your own seat function on the computer instead of your cell phone.  You will have more success finding seats if you are flexible where you sit and don’t require two seats together (analogous to the single rider at Universal having a shorter wait time).  I wound up buying two aisle seats in different rows for Aladdin but they are close to each other so my kid and I will be able to see each other.

    Another thing you should do is to buy the tickets as soon as Broadway Week starts.  By the time I tried to buy tickets, Dear Evan Hansen was already sold out.

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