Luxury Slide Shoes

Rihanna launched a line of $80 furry slide shoes called Fenty Leadcat that immediately sold out  and are going for $150+ on EBay.  This makes investing in Fenty slides more profitable than the stock market.  I bought the pink Fenty slides over the summer from before they sold out.  They are as comfortable as sneakers and oh so glamorous.  A must for any princess!

Rihanna Fenty Leadcat furry slides

Rihanna Fenty slides in four colors

Chanel carries a line of slides with their signature chain link straps.  They are oh so chic and oh sooooo expensive at $700. They would go very well with my Chanel Classic Flap with gold chains though.  I would definitely wear them all the time, unlike the extremely uncomfortable Louboutin heels that I spent thousands on.  What do you think, should I go for it?

Chanel slides in black would match my Chanel Classic Flap bag

Chanel slides in red

The Chanel slides are a bargain compared to the $1800 Gucci Hair slides, aka the Donald Trump Hair Shoes.

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