Small tricks for better food photos

This is very clever!

Cooking Without Limits

In food photography we use lots of tricks to make our life easier and also amazing photos. As a food blogger you need to show your food as good as you can. Sometimes all falls apart: the dressing doesn’t stay long on the salad, pasta is sticking together, the dessert looks like you just throw it on the plate, etc.

Our traditional Romanian “Ciorba de perisoare” (Sour soup with meatballs) was difficult for me to shoot until I found a trick to keep my meatballs on top. I used the lids from cough syrup. They are made from plastic and you can find them in different shapes. So keep them for your future projects.

sour soup with meatballs

As you can see in the final shots you can’t even tell I have them in the soup.

Another trick is to pick the fresh vegetables you can find. They look better on the camera.


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