Pottery Barn Slipcover Couch or IKEA Ektorp Slipcover Couch?

When I was in the market for a couch, I wandered into Pottery Barn and fell in love with the PB Comfort couch with roll arms and warm white denim slipcovers.   The price of the couch at around $1250 was a little daunting to me due to the fact that I had to pay a lot of rent for my new place.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about the Pottery Barn couch, and when they had a special and quoted me a price of $950, I went for it.  I had also visited IKEA once (took the ferry over to Brooklyn), and tried out the Ektorp couch ($499), which looks similar to the PB Comfort due to the slipcover and roll arms.  Yes, at $499, the IKEA couch is over half the price of the Pottery Barn couch.  However, if you are deciding between the Pottery Barn and the IKEA couches, go for the former.  Here is why: the PB Comfort couch is soooooo comfy, I can vouch for many nights of sleeping on it with no pain whatsoever.  Plus, at 25″ depth, the couch is almost as wide as a twin bed if you remove the back pillows (depth is 40″ without pillows).  The IKEA Ektorp couch is only 19″ deep (34″ deep without pillows), making it not as deep or comfortable.   If you read some reviews of the IKEA couch, others have also rated it not that comfortable.

I had the good fortune of walking into the amazing Shabby Chic Couture store on Grand Street in New York before it closed, and there was a slipcover couch (similar to the PB Comfort) for around $4500 (if I recall correctly).  This is the kind of couch that Shabby Chic made famous.  That makes the PB Comfort a huge bargain (a Shabby Chic dupe, if you will).  Also, keep in mind that a lot of times, Pottery Barn offers coupons on top of discounts, so you can get a good deal if you really work at it and negotiate. I applied for a Pottery Barn credit card and was able to earn 10% back in rewards (unfortunately for me, the next week, they offered 20% back in rewards, so know that the rewards are doubled sometimes).  

How do I keep the white denim clean?  I keep a fitted sheet made out of white cotton jersey that I got on Amazon and it looks like part of the couch.  I’m too lazy to remove the sheet so it’s been on the couch except when I wash it.  It is easier to wash a fitted sheet than to remove the cushion covers.  I have no pets or small children, so having a white couch is easy to maintain, especially with the white fitted sheet on top.  

The Pottery Barn couch also looks great with a fur blanket on top, also bought on sale at Pottery Barn.  I also decorated it with some scarf pillows from Pottery Barn (very Hermes, don’t you think?) 

Never pay full price, always ask for a coupon!

PB Comfort couch with scarf pillows and fur blanket (both Pottery Barn)

Pink furry slides/ slippers by Fenty by Rihanna

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